Polyvalent Worker (2015) - Extract
Video 12’16”,
Loop Reproduction

The video is a performance piece in which the artist, in his condition as a worker, puts himself in scene for questioning the link between “small job” and the artistic process.  It is an autobiographic piece. 

Day jobs are in many cases the only way to survive for creators in every artistic discipline and students of every field. A relative precariousness surrounds these statuses and forces the persons involved in them to seek these economic activities that fortunately exist, as they permit the people to develop another path. 

When the fast food service mixes up with the artistic exploration that questions society, the result takes an artistic form. The person erased by the nature of his work appears and fades between the darkness and the light. 

The automatization of formulas and imposed phrases in the frame of the payed activity merges with the concepts of the artist’s theoretical research. The only restraint established is to don’t stop and to try to keep a high speed of verbalization throughout the performance. This creates a long improvised performance piece in which fatigue, mistake and stutter attest to the condition of the day job that has allowed the artist to reflect and create.