In the struggle (2017)
Archival Pigment Print - 80 x 120 cm


… “In the struggle”. The struggle as routine. The struggle as a way of surviving. The struggle as a symbol of life, of optimism. The struggle as action and positive action. 

In the big markets of Bogotá, the “coteros”, the men who transport the merchandise for the wholesalers and the traders, do a true “ballet” of loading and unloading goods. They’re payed only in tips by the clients for carrying bags between 20 and 50 kgs. “The load” is more than a load, it’s truly a body, a weight that won’t move, becoming in its passivity a metamorphic foe, difficult to handle. 

In spite of the length of this work, in which the workers may have up to 30 years of experience, there is a camaraderie, a hope, and a dynamism proper to the struggle. 

The workers performed struggling with their loads, for the sake of the construction of the photographic performance. They are useless gestures, which are not directly linked to the action of loading and moving the goods, but are rather inspired by wrestling images previously chosen by the workers.

The series is an exploration in which the work space becomes a dramatized space thanks to the photographic device that evidences the mise-en-scène. It is also in a way a spectacle because the public (clients, traders and colleagues of the performer) is present and witnesses the realization of the images.