The Crushed Ones (2016)
Archival Pigment Print - 90 x 120 cm

This series interrogates the work conditions and, at the same time, it creates a paradox in its representation. The objects and uniforms used by the workers for executing their tasks are scanned in order to obtain singular images that are rich in detail.

This image capture technique demands the crumpling of the objects during their digitalization. The physical crushing of the object echoes the social trampling suffered by the individuals who perform manual, repetitive, non-qualified jobs that require no craftsmanship. 

Nonetheless, the objects are not completely crushed in the images. The minimum width that remains opens up the possibility for the existence of volume, and the perception of three-dimensionality still persists. This three-dimensionality evokes the presence of the bodies that interacts daily with these objects in the workplace. 

The images employs an important aesthetic mechanism, that of enlargement. This procedure is usually employed to bring out the spectacular and contemplative aspect of an image; however in “The Crushed Ones”, the hyper enlargement helps to emphasize the grind, stains and the wear due to work. It’s a sort of exaltation of the “flaws” which takes them to an aesthetical level