Organizing the Code (2015) - Extract

Video 12’16”, Loop Reproduction

The performance is the gesture of organizing the Labor Code in a shelf in order to place it the proper spot. The repetitive action shows how, through the daily routine of his/her job as an arranging employee in a library, the worker performs the activity mechanically in a loop that loses its meaning. 

This video doesn’t just interrogate the book arranging task, but conveys an overall questioning view regarding the work as a whole. Here the body of the worker is displayed as it engages a repetitive task which consumes its entire energy. On the other hand, it shows the Labor Code, an object that represents the laws that frame the relationships between employer and employee.

The performance questions the work activity that is increasingly exhausting the workers’ forces. The progressive wearing out of the book is analogue to the “wearing out” worker’s body. The Labor Code itself, which is supposed to protect the laborers physically and psychologically, encounters ever more problems that hinder it from accomplishing its mission due to the increasingly competitive and dehumanizing conditions of a society whose main axes are globalization and investors’ revenue.