Taking off the shoes (2016)
Archival Pigment Print - 80 x 120 cm

This series interrogates the spaces that mediate between the possible representations of the work territory. It is the interstice laying between the work, its space, the mise-en-scène and the performative act. 

The workers carry out the performance in the same place where they carry out their daily work activities. This performance is done in front of an inserted black background which does not occupy all the space in the image and which does not intend to become an actual scenery. Conversely, this background blends with the space and evidences the device and the intention of the mise-en-scène of the image.

It is not only a spatial interstice, but also a gestural one. Removing one’s shoes implies a body gesture in which the worker abandons his/her work uniform. In western culture, the foot conveys an aspect of intimacy and it’s treated with a sort of modesty, one just doesn’t take the shoes off anywhere, whether it is to avoid the contact of the foot or sock with the dirty floor, or because we are ashamed of someone who might be looking at us.       

In these images the workers share this part of their privacy in benefit of the photography. From a different point of view, the action of taking off one’s shoes (which are part of the work uniform), changes the role of the worker who becomes a performer in the new space of representation, acting thus towards the search for aesthetical gestures in contrast to the sternness of work.