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Tempo, travail in situ, (2017)
Work carried out for the exposition « Think photography. Images and forms » in Carrefour supermarket  at Saint-Denis


The sound environment in the big supermarkets is saturated by the multiplicity and the frequency of the beeps at the registers. This sound establishes the rhythm of the cashiers’ gestures. 

For the Tempo series, the persons that work every day as cashiers participated in the creation of the images following a protocol, which resonates with their work posts. The image is created by a scanner in such a way that the hands of the men and women are “scanned” while they perform their job gesture, in the same way that they do every day with the products. 

During the execution of the images the workers wore a pair of headphones that played the beep of a metronome, which corresponded to the average speed of the products passing by the register (1.5 seconds per product in each transaction)

The gestures, whose pace is set by the Tempo of their work, produce images that, thanks to the scanner’s sweep for capturing the image, open up a new aesthetic dimension. In this way, the hands of the performers are fragmented by the cadence of the action and the chromatic aberrations strengthen the evidence of the image capturing device.